We are a Consulting firm supporting businesses to have their operations on target.

We Listen

We take time to understand your business. Usually done over a free half-hour session

We Assess

We review your operations processes through interviews, questionnares and other information capture methods that we agree on.

We then assess the gathered “as-is” status information and assess it against your business strategy or periodical plan.

We Improve

To get to a desired point, we set up an improvement plan and work with you to fulfil it.

Within this is training towards your leadership team to ensure that you lock in your strategy well enough and achieve it.

Your Operations on Target

Our Work

Makeba Consulting provides consultancy and training services to Mid-Sized Enterprises at the following stages

  • Identified bottom line reduction due to operational or IT project management inefficiencies
  • Identified misalignment to set policies, processes and procedures
  • Technology adoption for operations improvement required
  • Transition need arising, requiring a new operations strategy or improvement of existing processes

For all the above, consultancy services are available, ensuring an assessment of the company’s “as-is” position towards fulfilment of an existing strategy.

About Us

Makeba Consulting is a management consulting firm that works with organisations at a growth-stage that are keen to improve their operations.

We are the solution provider towards high performance operations through technology adoption for performance management and improvement


We are on a mission to support mid-sized organizations in Kenya and across East Africa to identify improvement areas in their daily operational activities towards bottom line and full on company growth.

  • Reliability
  • Excellence
  • Customer-focused

We will walk with you to your desired strategy goal. Your operations target will be achieved.

Our Services

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